Developing the step change for large scale adoption and utilisation

Friday 17- Saturday 18 October 2014

China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Chongqing, China



    Professor Ching Chuen Chan

    Professor Ching Chuen Chan is a fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering. He is going to receive the Prince Philip Medal on July 2, 2014 for his pivotal role in furthering the field of electric vehicles. Referred to as one of the 'Three Wise Men' of the electric vehicle industry, Chan has authored 300 research papers, published 11 books, the co-founder of the World Electric Vehicles Association and is a consultant to several major car manufacturers.


    Professor Phil Blythe

    Phil Blythe is the Professor of Intelligent Transport Systems and Director of the Transport Operations Research Group; chairman of the ITS UK Electric Vehicle Working Group, Member of the Electric Vehicle Steering Committee, Royal Academy of Engineering, and UKTI Intelligent Transport Advisor. His research interests include road user charging, smartcard systems, wireless ad hoc networks, and telematics to support elderly and the mobility impaired and mobile information delivery systems.

    Denis Naberezhnykh

    Denis is the head of Low Carbon Vehicle and ITS technology at TRL, focusing on the infrastructure and charging technologies for the Electric vehicles. He is in charge of many technical projects in the area of Road Pricing and Low Carbon Transport (vehicles and infrastructure). Denis is specializing on the requirements and the impacts of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, including wireless charging infrastructure.


    Roger Atkins

    Roger Atkins has 25 years' experience in key positions at Volkswagen, Volvo, Virgin, Audi, and Mercedes. He is currently working at Ricardo, responsible for the promotion and commercialization of Electric vehicles. He has a comprehensive understanding of automotive brand development, from initial vehicle research and design through to retail. 


    Dr. Colin Herron

    Colin has worked in the automotive industry for nearly 38 years. Before working at Zero Carbon Futures, Colin has worked for Nissan for 17 years and visited Japan on a regularly basis and running many lean activities in the UK and Europe. He completed a PHD focussing on Japanese manufacturing techniques and his current role is in developing the introduction of low carbon vehicle technologies. 


    Bi Jun

    Bi Jun, deputy director at School of Traffic and transportation at Beijing Jiaotong University, is responsible for the development of electric vehicle remote monitoring system. The system has ensured the safety and stable operation of electric vehicles at Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and the Guangzhou Asian Games, successfully achieved pure electric monitoring operating status of the buses.

      Ren Yanming

    Ren Yanming, IET Chartered Engineer (CEng), chief engineer at Beijing Sifang Automation Co., Ltd. R & D Center. He is responsible for the IEC61850 project, leading the team on the R&D of the CSC-2000 (V2) substation automation systems and intelligent substation product development.


    Sean Lamprell

    Chief Engineer at MIRA Ltd  Mr. Sean Lamprell is now responsible for all the projects done within the Controls and xEV product group at MIRA, and has extensive experience on battery control and battery management. Having worked in the industry for over 26 years, he is familiar with most of the electrical (and non-electrical) systems used on a modern car, many of which he has helped to develop and improve. Most of his career has been spent in the automotive industry, predominantly in engineering or project management roles, with periods spent in R&D and manufacturing areas. Before coming to MIRA, he worked for Aston Martin Lagonda, Bentley, Vauxhall Motors, Jaguar Cars for years. He was graduated from the University of Brighton, major in Electronic Engineering and finished his MBA in the University of Luton.

    Professor Jun-yong Liu, SiChuan University

    Obtained his doctor degree at Brunel University, 1997. Currently he is the head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Sichuan University and the director of Sichuan Province Key Smart Grid Laboratory. He also serves as chairman of China Electrical Engineering Education Institute Joint Council, consulting expert of IBM, president of Tian-fu (Sichuan area) Power Technology Enterprise Alliance, as well as academic editor of seven first-class journal and proceedings in China. Prof. Liu's academic activities mainly focus on power system analysis and control, power market optimization, FACTS application, smart grid design and advanced computer-aided system development. In recent years, he has partly placed his research interest within the area of intelligent dispatch & operation theory for smart grids, WAMS integration & PMU application and power system vulnerability assessment. Under his leadership, significant novel power system analysis tools has been developed and deployed into real industry applications, including more than 50 large transmission companies, Beijing, Shanghai power grid for instance, in China. At least 150 projects, including engineering projects and National Science Research Fund supported subjects, have been completed by Prof. Liu and his group who have extensive practice and research experience in power systems. He has already published more than 200 journal and conference papers.


    Li Yunfeng, CHINA GRIDCOM Co., Ltd

    Deputy Chief Engineer of GUODIANTONG Co., Ltd and CEO Assistant of CHINA GRIDCOM Co., Ltd, has served as the deputy leader of SGCC Power Consumption Information Collection control team and leader of SGCC Metering Production Scheduling Platform control team.
    As a pioneer of the company's Electric vehicle business, he has participated in planning and construction of SGCC EV Smart Charging/Battery Swap Service Network, and completed the design, development and construction of EV operational monitoring system covering 24 provinces in China. His expertise also on the power marketing, Power Consumption Information Collection, EV, Smart Grid Application and Service and Dig Data. He was awarded Science and Technology Progress Award of SGCC and Outstanding Contributions Individual by SGCC and SGIT several times.


    Olivier Paturet, Nissan Europe

    Olivier is an experienced global automotive executive with special expertise in Zero Emission Strategy, and Upstream Vehicle Programs. For the past 13 years he has held key management positions with Nissan in Europe. During that time he has been General Manager, Product Planning, successfully handling several upstream global vehicles programs, some of them within the Renault Nissan Alliance [2001-2006]. During that time he was based in Paris, France and spending significant amount of time in Japan, at Nissan Technical Center. Later he was named Marketing Director for the newly established Nissan Nordics Europe (NNE) based in Helsinki, Finland, and managing marketing activities for the seven Nordic and Baltic countries [2006 – 2009]. Since 2009 he is based in Paris and is in charge of Nissan's Zero Emission Strategy in Europe. He is especially involved in organizing all upstream activities necessary for the successful deployment of the Nissan's European Electric Vehicle line-up.

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