Developing the step change for large scale adoption and utilisation

Friday 17- Saturday 18 October 2014

China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Chongqing, China



    Background about the topic

    Electric and hybrid vehicles are being developed and introduced across the world due to rising fuel prices and the requirement to reduce emissions driving the transportation industry to develop truly sustainable alternative sources of energy to power vehicles. Governments have played a key role in providing incentives for the initial deployment of electric vehicles but there are still many technological and societal challenges to overcome in increasing adoption.

    It is clear that electric and hybrid vehicles provide many benefits to the consumer, industry and the environment however there are still uncertainties regarding battery performance and lifespan, infrastructure, power supply and demand, and integration with other transport systems. For electric and hybrid vehicles to have commercially sustainable growth and achieve desired large scale consumer adoption there needs to be more collaboration across sectors.

    About the Conference

    This International conference aims to bring together global experts from government, academia and industry to examine the recent advances in hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and to discuss issues, problems and solutions involved in the large scale adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

    This two-day conference includes a mixture of technical presentations,panel discussions,followed by a technical visit to a prominent electric vehicles (EV) factory/research center in Chongqing. 

    Attendees will learn about the latest technology applications being developed in hybrid and electric vehicles; batteries,infrastructure and power supply as well as clean energy generation and storage. The event will also cover topics such as charging technologies and facilities, branding issues, innovative business models,and examples of international collaboration.


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